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Sourcing out a paint contractor in Phoenix is not as easy as it should be these days. Unfortunately, there are many painters who claim to be professional contractors, but are not in fact fully licensed, insured or bonded.
Anytime it is necessary to hire a contractor, it is important to insist upon seeing documentation that states that this person is reliable to conduct work on your property and to be in your home. Homeowners and property owners leave themselves vulnerable to contractors and because of this, many end up with jobs left unfinished or with property damaged.
Hiring a licensed painter in Phoenix will ensure that the work required will get done in a timely and efficient manner.
Indications that the company or contractor hired is a professional can be seen in the type of services offered and how they outline these steps for their customers. In a house painting contractor, look for the following services:
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Faux Painting
  • Floor Covering
Have your contractor explain what the steps are in each of the jobs that they are hired for, in order to make sure everything is being completed in the most efficient manner as possible. A reputable house-painting contractor will have no problems outlining the process to demonstrate how they will be conducting work on your property. For interior jobs, expect to see an outline as follows:
  • Set Up – all of the furniture and objects will be moved to the center of the room to be painted and fully covered with a protective plastic sheet
  • Wall Preparation – the contractor will go over the area to be painted thoroughly and inspect various spots that require attention prior to being painted. This includes cracks, stains, and holes. These areas may need to be sanded or repaired before being painted. After this, the walls will be primed.
  • Paint – Once everything has been prepared, the contractors will set to work applying top quality paint to the walls in the color of your choice.
  • Clean – all proper contractors will take extra care to clean their work areas each day and when the job has been fully completed. This ensures safety as well as demonstrates proper workmanship and respect for your home.
  • Inspection – Once the contractor inspects his or her work and it has passed their approval, the homeowner should be invited to carefully go over the work that has been completed in order to ensure it meets their 100% level of satisfaction
Anytime a homeowner invites a contractor into their home, it is a good idea to request to see testimonials, check references and look at before and after pictures. A professional house painter will be only too happy to comply with these requests.
For a free quote and complete customer satisfaction, contact Crash of Rhinos Painting at 602-540-7471.
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